Concrete Removal From Drain Doreen

Twenty years of trusted service throughout Melbourne

Remove Concrete from drains and pipes in Doreen

Drain Storm are the experts in non-invasive identification and removal of concrete from blocked drains and pipes in Doreen. We have over 20 years experience servicing residential and commercial customers throughout Melbourne. Our qualified staff are licensed plumbers who are specialists in their field. We use the latest CCTV equipment to identify the location and extent of the concrete blockage. Biodegradable solution is added to breakdown the Portland component of grout, cement and concrete. Our high pressure water jet allows us to quickly clear the debris from the drain. It is a cost effective alternative that reduces the need to dig and can generally resolve issues quicker than conventional methods.

Concrete in pipe

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Our Process

Non-invasive inspections

Our modern CCTV camera inspections ensure you fully understand the condition of your drains and allow us to identify the cause of your blockage and provide accurate quotes for cleaning and repairs.

Clean, Restore & Repair

State of the art hydro jetting systems ensure pinpoint accuracy and a non disruptive, fast solution to clearing your drains. Our system utilises a high power water jet to remove the toughest of blockages.

Quality you can trust

Our expert, qualified plumbers ensure that any inspections or repairs are conducted with the latest equipment and all repairs are fully tested covered by our quality guarantee.

Hydro water jet

Why Customer's Choose Drain Storm

Non-invasive inspection and leak repairs

Our CCTV Camera inspections reduce the need for costly and disruptive earth works. We use the latest technology to allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of pipe and drain blockages.

Drain and sewer blockage clearing specialists

Unlike many of our competitors, our staff are qualified plumbers. This means that we can accurately diagnose the cause of your issues and provide a quote for repairs.

Qualified plumbers

Unlike franchised competitors we are a small business that employs qualified plumbers. This allows us to offer a level of expertise others cannot match.

Outstanding customer service

We pride ourselves on offering our customers outstanding customer service. Most of our work comes from word-of-mouth. Customer satisfaction is everything to us.

Upfront quotes and competitive pricing

No surprises or hidden fees. We provide transparent pricing before we start any inspection. 

Our Guarantee

As licensed plumbers, we provide a certificate of compliance on completion with a 7 year warranty. 

Affordable Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Drain Storm use the latest camera inspection technology and the most hydro jetting systems available. This combined with our extensive plumbing experience and allows us to to provide an affordable and comprehensive pipe cleaning service to Doreen customers.

We can clear entire drains and sewer systems or small sections. Our hydro jet method is environmentally friendly. Unlike many drain cleaners which use chemicals or mechanical cleaners our method uses high pressure water to remove blockages from your pipes.

No dig Drain and pipe Cleaning

Our non-invasive techniques allow us to identify the cause and extent of your leaks without costly and disruptive earth works and digging.  We inspect your pipe using our state of the art CCTV camera to pin point the cause of your blockage. We then clear and clear the drain or pipe of any blockages or debris with our high pressure water jet. Once complete your pipes and drains are fully tested.

What our customers say

We can not speak highly enough of the company. Drain Storm Services was Prompt, on time and we were continually given updates as to the next stage.
Trish Maxr
Can’t thank the Drain Storm enough!! Not only is Adam very knowledgeable, honest and a professional – he worked alongside another company to get the best outcome for us.

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